Welcome to Billdal's GARDEN DESIGN

Billdal's Garden - your partner throughout the garden journey! We take you through every step of your garden project, from the first sketch to the final curb.

Our dedicated design team, consisting of Anna Nylén and Ryan Barnett, is at the drawing board to turn your ideas into reality. We help you interpret your visions and capture the uniqueness that each location has to offer.


The design process

Start-up meeting and Needs analysis

We start by booking an on-site start-up meeting where we carefully go over your wishes, needs and expectations for your garden. At the meeting, we analyze the location and its conditions in relation to your visions and ambition levels. The information and insights from this meeting form the basis for our upcoming draft work.

Sketch work and Design solutions

The workflow is adapted to the scope of the project. We offer tailor-made design solutions for all or parts of the garden, and the level of detail is determined by you. A complete design drawing is created in 3D and presented with photorealistic images from the 3D model, a guided tour through the garden via short film, suggestions for plants (without planting plan), material selection, lighting plan and a scaled drawing.

Technical Drawings and Detailed Planning

During the construction phase, more detailed and technical drawings may be required for the planned structures in the garden. These drawings are drawn up when necessary and invoiced according to agreement in consultation with our on-site builders.

Planting Plan and Further Fine-Tweaking

When the construction work is nearing its end, we re-examine the areas and draw up planting plans. This phase is invoiced continuously.

We are dedicated to creating a garden that meets your dreams and needs. Contact us to start your garden design project!


Welcome to our world of plants!

Varied and Qualitatively High-Class Plant Collection

We have a close working relationship with trusted nurseries who supply us with a fantastic variety of trees, shrubs and perennials. This relationship gives us access to an impressive range of plant material. We can meet and exceed expectations even in the most exclusive projects by offering absolutely rare specimens and high quality.

Plant suggestions Tailored for you

When you order a plant proposal from us, you get a tailored experience where every detail counts. Our plant suggestions include:

  • A complete plant list with clear price information
  • Planting plan to facilitate your garden planning
  • An inspiring plant collage to visualize how your garden will flourish

Expertise and Help with Ordering and Planting

We are here to facilitate the entire process. In addition to offering plant suggestions, we are happy to help you order the plants you need and make sure they are planted correctly in your garden.

Explore our plant universe and create your dream garden with us!

Would you like to discuss your garden with us?

Contact us today to discuss your ideas and visions. Together, let's create a garden where your ideas and our expertise merge into a fantastic outdoor environment.


Prices for garden design and advice

After our first meeting, you will receive an assignment confirmation with a detailed project description and the cost of the design. The price is mainly based on the complexity of the garden and the desired features, taking into account the size of the garden.

Standard Garden drawing: SEK 33,000-40,000 (incl. VAT)

Suitable for easily accessible areas with requests for well-known elements in the garden, such as the design of flower beds, walkways, patios, and pergola, with a plot of less than 2000 square meters.

Large garden drawing: SEK 40,000-45,000 (incl. VAT)

For complex terrain and advanced features, including outdoor kitchens, pool areas, terracing and detailed plant proposals, on plots larger than 2000 square meters.

Unique Projects: Running Bill 1050 SEK/h (incl. VAT)

For exceptional projects that require unique and continuous attention over time, where the project develops through several phases.

Smaller Projects: Running Bill 1050 SEK/h (incl. VAT)

For smaller projects, such as creating a pleasant surface in the garden or on the balcony, or if you need drawings for a specific construction such as trellis wall or pergola.

Consultation: SEK 2,700 (incl. VAT) (approx. 1.5 hours)

Get professional advice directly in your garden. We spend about 1.5 hours together to discuss ideas about garden design and vegetation. Prepare by listing your most important points to maximize the benefit of the consultation.

Gift card: Advice in your garden SEK 2,700 (incl. VAT) (approx. 1.5 hours)

Give away a garden experience! Our gift cards give access to our advisory service where we share creative ideas for your garden for about 1.5 hours. Perfect for gardening enthusiasts.


Contact us if you have any questions

Contact us to discuss your project and receive a tailored quote. We look forward to creating a thriving garden with you!